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Mercy Spirituality Center is a retreat center for people of all faiths, committed to the belief that each of us needs time apart to find, deepen, or refresh our connection to what matters most in life. We are deeply grateful to be able to offer our beautiful space to the community for rest and reflection. Located just one block from Highland Park, Mercy Spirituality Center is an affordable place to host meetings, workshops and retreats. We invite your group or organization to experience time apart in our serene environment to reflect, learn, and share.

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Expecting the Unexpected: Establishing Trust and Setting Boundaries in These Unique Times

While establishing expectations is a healthy and holy practice, it’s not always an easy one. And in these times, when even our daily plans and hopes can change in sudden and sometimes significant ways, it can be even more challenging to feel like there is a constancy to life that we can truly root our expectations in. So, how do we navigate the unexpected? How do we plan well amidst uncertainty? How do we practice healthy boundaries around what is expected of us, and what we expect of others? Join us for a time of conversation and practices designed to explore these questions, and offer opportunities for reflection and wellness for our souls. Our time will be spent as a combination of online discussion, offline activities, and group processing through Zoom.

Facilitator: Rev. Kevin Hershey
Date: March 22 Via ZOOM
Time: 10:30am-2:00pm (break included)
Fee: $30
Kevin Hershey is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), serving as the pastor of Companions on the Way, and of Union Presbyterian Church, both in the Rochester, NY area, and is a former therapist, specializing in Contextual Therapy with couples and families. He is a New Monastic monk, a Contemplative, and a Friend of the Northumbria Community.

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Mary Dwyer Presents: Living into Resurrection

 Join us for a morning of Centering Prayer and sharing on living into the Resurrection! We will gather at 9:30 for 30 minutes Centering Prayer followed by a stretch break and teaching focused on living our ordinary lives rooted in the Gospel message.

Facilitator: Mary Dwyer
Date: Saturday, April 10
Time: 9:30am-11:30am VIA Zoom
Fee: $30

Mary Dwyer, LCSW, is a long time student of Thomas Keating. Mary has been practicing Centering Prayer since the late 1980s and gives workshops and retreats throughout the Contemplative Outreach Network. She currently has a small counseling private practice and lives in Erie, PA with her beloved husband, Juan and their dog, Penelope.

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About Sisters Of Mercy

 We Are A Spirituality Ministry of the Sisters of Mercy

Inspired by the life of Jesus and by our founder Catherine McAuley, the Sisters of Mercy envision a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated. The Sisters of Mercy are women of faith who commit our lives to God and our resources to serve, advocate and pray for those in need around the world.



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