Our Mission

Mercy Spirituality Center, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, provides opportunities for individual and group spiritual formation rooted in Christian Spirituality. Through hospitality, collaboration and mutuality, we encourage people of all faiths to discern, claim and respond to God’s on-going call to discipleship.

The Early Years

The house, which is now Mercy Spirituality Center, has a long-standing history beginning when a gentleman farmer built it in the early 1860’s as his retirement home. He left it to his son and from then on the house went through many transfers.

For a time the property was part of a tree nursery and once again was owned by a family who built another house on the land as a wedding gift for their daughter.

Transformative Years

The original house first took on a special religious character when purchased by the Precious Blood Fathers as a minor seminary.

Subsequently, a Jewish sect lived in the house for awhile but were unable to meet the financial obligations. On the market once again the home became the House of God’s Goodness when purchased by Mr. Will Gundlach and his wife who used it as a haven for people in need.


The final act of transferring the property to the Sisters of Mercy of Rochester in 1986 was Will’s prayerful leaving of an angel of protection in every window.

Thereafter, the house became Mercy Prayer Center providing spiritual direction, hospitality, personal growth and guidance through God’s teachings.

Today, the Center has adopted an expanded presence, welcoming people of all faiths, backgrounds and lifestyles. With this shift the Sisters approved renaming it to Mercy Spirituality Center.

Advisory Board

Sr. Kathy Sisson, RSM Chairperson

Peter Spinelli

Rebecca Lettermen

Margi Ochsi

Fr. Kevin Murphy

Helen Traub

Sr. Marilyn Williams, RSM

Liv Toscano